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Between The Lines – July 17, 2019 – Full Show

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Blocked from Rigging Census, Trump Pushes Use of Citizenship Data to Draw New GOP-Friendly Electoral Maps

Interview with Keshia Morris, program associate with Common Cause, conducted by Scott Harris

At ‘Lights for Liberty’ Protest, Clinical Psychologist Warns that Imprisoning Immigrant Children Inflicts Lasting Damage

Excerpt ot speech by Megan Goslin, associate research scientist at Yale University’s Child Study Center, recorded and produced by Melinda Tuhus

House Passes Measure Blocking Funds for Future Unauthorized Trump War with Iran

Interview with Stephen Miles, executive director of the national coalition Win Without War, conducted by Scott Harris

This Week’s Under-reported News Summary July 17, 2019

Compiled by Bob Nixon

  • Sudan’s opposition agree power-sharing deal with military
  • Democrats get serious about affordable housing
  • How border patrol occupied the Tohono O'odham nation

Recently on Between the Lines

Humanitarian Disaster at U.S.-Mexico Border Just the Beginning of Climate Change Refugee Crisis

Tens of thousands of asylum seekers being detained by U.S. Customs and Border Protection face overcrowded and filthy conditions in detention centers in places...

Health Industry, Big Pharma Corporate Lobbyists, Conservative Activists Ramp Up Effort to Stop Medicare...

The Democratic party-controlled House of Representatives took its first historic step on April 30 to begin a national debate on the popular proposal to...

Broad Coalition Defeats Plan to Build Federal Prison on Toxic Former Mountaintop Removal Coal...

In June, the federal Bureau of Prisons announced that it was cancelling the construction of a maximum security prison that it had been planning...

This Week’s Under-reported News Summary July 10, 2019

• On July1, the anniversary of Britain’s handover of Hong Kong to China, an estimated half a million people participated in peaceful protests, while...

Special Feature

The Franchise: New Voting Restrictions in Our Elections

The Resistance panel discusses Trump's threats of war with Iran and Venezuela;
and the normalization of anti-democratic, unconstitutional behavior by Trump and his Republican allies.
Also: Scott Harris and Richard Hill interview Irma Perez, deputy director of the Brennan Center's Democracy program, about the problem of voter suppression and what can be done about it.

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Need to add in an important word --

"Hi, We're rich and corrupt... How ya'll doing?"

Expect more #Trump-style #NurembergRally type gatherings in the coming months...

Pathological liar and hypocrite @SenLindsayGraham takes every side of every issue, but always ends up promoting ignorance and hate -- and making a fool of himself!





In Depth

Counterpoint July 15, 2019

Special Compilations

Blog: Leaves and Fishes

Forest and the Trees



Constitutional Crisis!

John Nichols, progressive journalist and author, joins the Resistance Round Table panel to analyze the Trump administration's total defiance of Congressional oversight.

HBO Documentary Celebrating NYC Reporters Breslin & Hamill Fails to Examine Corporate Media Constraints

Andy Piascik talks about his recent article titled, "Breslin, Hamill and the Limits of the Mainstream," which examines these two celebrated New York City...

Youth Climate Strikers talk: next action May 3!

Three Connecticut student Climate Strike leaders, Kira Ortoleva, Mitchel Kvedar and Anya Sastry, talk about their work on the recent and future Global Youth...

Jason Stanley: How Fascism Works

The Resistance panel reviews the latest outrages from Donald Trump and his minions and asks Prof. Jason Stanley, author of How Fascism Works, for...


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