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Between The Lines – May 20, 2020 – Full Show

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coronavirus pandemic

More Than 90,000 Deaths & Whistleblower Testimony Confirm Trump’s Catastrophic Failure in Coronavirus Response

Interview with Marge Baker, executive vice president for policy and program with People For the American Way, conducted by Scott Harris

ALEC reopening protests

Documents Reveal ALEC’s Role in Pushing State Governments to Reopen While the Coronavirus Still Rages

Interview with David Armiak, research director with the Center for Media and Democracy, conducted by Melinda Tuhus

mail-in voting

Congressional Action Urged Now to Ensure Mail-In-Ballots are Safe Pandemic Option for 2020 Election

Interview with Sylvia Albert, director of the voting and elections program with Common Cause, conducted by Scott Harris

This Week’s Under-reported News Summary May 20, 2020

Compiled by Bob Nixon

  • Massive bombardment hits Tripoli as water supplies threatened
  • Ignoring Trump and right-wing think tanks, red states expand vote by mail
  • Is a housing crash coming to Florida?

Recently on Between the Lines

Nurses Fight for Personal Protective Equipment and Sane COVID-19 Public Health Policies

As the coronavirus continues to ravage the world, the case and death rate in the United States continues to climb with 1.4 million confirmed...
Sioux tribe checkpoints

South Dakota Sioux Tribe Defies Governor’s Order to Remove Coronavirus Checkpoints  

Two Sioux tribes in South Dakota have set up checkpoints where highways cross their reservations in an effort to keep the coronavirus from infecting...

Pandemic Exposes Failings of U.S. Food Supply Chain 

When the coronavirus first struck the U.S., the response was varied across the country, but many Americans fearing the unknown stocked up on basic...

This Week’s Under-reported News Summary May 13, 2020

While President Trump is blaming a Chinese laboratory for releasing the coronavirus, Beijing is focused on containing the pandemic, and launching new diplomatic initiatives...

Special Feature

The future of capitalism after COVID-19

The Resistance panel interviews John Feffer, director of Foreign Policy in Focus at the Institute for Policy Studies (ips-dc.org/foreign-policy-in-focus/), about his recent article "What does COVID-19 mean for the future of capitalism?."
Panelists: Ruthanne Baumgartner, Scott Harris and Richard Hill

The "President" is criminally insane & should be prosecuted! 10s of thousands of Americans have needlessly died due to his self-interest driven sabotage of the federal #coronavirus response. #Trump must be held accountable for his crimes against humanity! #GOPDeathCult https://t.co/bQpxRK5jBh

More on how Trump’s idiocy killed thousands of Americans


@TrueFactsStated here it is on I-75, north- bound, just north of Flint, MI. It's great! It would be nice if we could have a matched set, with one in the Trump stronghold of Macomb County. Maybe on M-59, or I-96. #noresponsibility https://t.co/KFfjJqiyu5

#Trump missed his latest scheduled physical exam.... We saw an erroneous report in the #WeeklyWorldNews that explained that the White House medical team had to fly in a specialist from Austria to consult about a treatment plan for Trump's late stage syphilitic dementia. https://t.co/gN7P0QMw8y

America is a failed state. Our nation desperately needs accountability. #Trump is guilty of pre-meditated mass murder. He and his #GOP enablers must be held accountable for their crimes against humanity. The US govt. has no legitimacy without accountability for political crimes https://t.co/RESg01GDF0





In Depth

Counterpoint May 18, 2020

Special Compilations

Blog: Leaves and Fishes

Lakes of Dreams

Forest and the Trees



Eric Holt-Gimenez: Change the Food System and Everything Else Follows

Eric Holt-Gimenez, agroecologist, economist and food sovereignty activist, discusses the capitalist nature of the global food system and argues that to change it we...

My rant in the face of Trump’s criminal insanity

Richard Hill goes ballistic on the negligent homicide of the occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Why the US Economy and Healthcare Systems were Sitting Ducks for COVID-19

Dr. Jack Rasmus, professor of economics at St. Mary's College, explains how the neoliberal economic model made the US a sitting duck for an...

Full assault on American Democracy leading up to Nov. 3

The Resistance Round Table panel welcomes Nation Magazine political editor John Nichols who talks about the Wisconsin election debacle and the urgent fight to...


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Between The Lines Radio Newsmagazine
Between The Lines Radio Newsmagazine
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@KmxtNews More Than 90,000 Deaths & Whistleblower Testimony Confirm Trump’s Catastrophic Failure in #Coronavirus Response, Intv w @MargeBaker, w @Peoplefor The American Way Info: https://btlonline.org/more-than-90000-deaths-whistleblower-testimony-confirm-trumps-catastrophic-failure-in-coronavirus-response/ #Trumpgenocide #Covid19
Between The Lines Radio Newsmagazine
Between The Lines Radio Newsmagazine
Here in the US the deranged #Trump presidency has so damaged common sense & rationality among some 40% of the US population that many are FORCED to justify wearing a mask to protect their neighbors & loved ones. TRUMP is literally a lethal virus that has needlessly killed 10s of thousands of Americans through his self-interest driven deliberate sabotage of the federal pandemic response, who must be defeated & PROSECUTED for his ghastly crimes against humanity! #GOPDeathCult https://kfgo.com/2020/05/22/90539/
Between The Lines Radio Newsmagazine
Between The Lines Radio Newsmagazine
NYC's Wear a Mask public service ad finalists. Why we're wearing masks after going through this horrible experience. Remember love as #COVID19 rampages through #reopening economies in the Midwest #Northdakota #iowa #SouthDakota #Nebraska. https://coronavirus.health.ny.gov/wear-mask-new-york-ad-contest-cast-your-vote ❤️💕❣️💕
Between The Lines Radio Newsmagazine
Between The Lines Radio Newsmagazine
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Between The Lines Radio Newsmagazine
Between The Lines Radio Newsmagazine
Fact-checking Trump’s claims about hydroxychloroquine, the antimalarial drug he’s touting as a coronavirus treatment
https://www.alternet.org/2020/05/the-next-death-wave-from-covid-19-will-be-the-poor-rural-and-white/?utm_source=push_notifications #Trumpgenocide