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Defense Lawyers Counter Claim of Harm to U.S. in Army Whistleblower Bradley Manning's Recent Hearing

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Interview with Rainey Reitman, steering committee member of Bradley Manning Support Network, conducted by Scott Harris


After 18 months in custody, Army Pfc. Bradley Manning made his first public appearance just before Christmas at what’s known as an Article 32 pretrial hearing at Fort Meade, Md. The hearing is the required next step in the military’s legal process before the expected court martial of Manning, 24, that will likely begin in six to nine months. Pfc. Manning stands accused by the U.S. government of being the source of 260,000 diplomatic government cables and more than 90,000 intelligence reports, later distributed to the press by WikiLeaks.  Story continues

Website Exposes Companies that Profit from Israeli Occupation of Palestinian Land

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Interview with Rona Moran, researcher with, conducted by Melinda Tuhus


From a small office on a busy street In Tel Aviv, Israel, a trio of women produce the influential website Who Profits? It's a project of the Women's Coalition for Peace that investigates companies that profit from the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, part of the Palestinian occupied territories. They research global companies involved in construction, communication, and in some cases, exploitation of Palestinian resources for export.  Story continues

Wukan Village Revolt, Evidence of Growing Social Unrest in China

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Interview with Robert Weil, author of “Red Cat, White Cat: China and the Contradictions of Market Socialism"(Updated Jan. 6, 2012), conducted by Scott Harris


Wukan, a southern Chinese village of between 13,000 and 20,000, has witnessed growing unrest since September, when protests erupted over charges that local Communist Party officials were profiteering from the confiscation of farmland that was to be developed into expensive villas. After several representatives of the protest movement were taken into police custody two weeks ago, villagers reacted by driving out local government officials and police and blocking their return with felled trees on local roads. One dissident detained died while in police custody, which protesters believed was a result of a severe beating, further increasing tensions. In recent days, however, Communist authorities agreed to a compromise with protesters, giving in to their key demands to return some of the confiscated farmland and to release protesters earlier detained by police.  Story continues

This week’s summary of under-reported news

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