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From 2011: A Year in Revolt

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Rising Economic Inequality Provokes Search for Practical, Democratic Alternatives

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Interview with Gar Alperovitz, Lionel R. Bauman professor of political economy at the University of Maryland , conducted by Scott Harris


As Republican Party presidential candidates campaigned across Iowa – the state holding the first meaningful contest for the GOP nomination, Occupy Wall Street activists in the state organized actions to focus public attention on one of priority concerns, the corrupting influence of big money in U.S. politics. Direct action disruptions at candidate speeches and protests at headquarters, including Democratic party offices, resulted in more than 60 arrests. The message these activists were sending was that both the Republican and Democratic parties largely represent the interests of major corporations and the top one percent wealthiest Americans.  Story continues

Campaign to Recall Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Confident of Gathering Required Signatures Before Jan. 17th Deadline

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Interview with Lynn Freeman, board member of the group United Wisconsin, conducted by Scott Harris


The first major backlash against extreme right-wing policies implemented by Republican office-holders elected in 2010 emerged in massive protests early last year opposing Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s legislative effort to strip public sector unions of most of their collective bargaining rights. The pro-union protests that overwhelmed the State Capitol in Madison, advanced into an Aug. 9 recall election campaign against six Republican state senators who supported Walker’s agenda. Democrats won two of those races, but fell one seat short of depriving the GOP of their majority.  Story continues

Palestinian Women's Center Overcomes Many Obstacles to Provide Technical Training to Those in Need

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Interview with Jihan Nasser, women's center computer technology trainer, conducted by Melinda Tuhus


Palestinians under Israeli occupation experience many restrictions on their day-to-day lives, from lack of water and electricity to restrictions on movement to violence at the hands of Israeli settlers and the Israeli army. Outside Bethlehem, the Nassar family is struggling to hold on to its 100 hilltop acres, which the Israeli government is trying to seize to build more settlements, adding to those that already surround the Nassar farm. The family is working toward self-sufficiency on their farm, which they call Tent of Nations, as life grows ever more difficult for them and residents of the nearby village of Nahalin.  Story continues

This week’s summary of under-reported news

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Compiled by Bob Nixon

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