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Posted Sept. 24, 2014 for week ending Oct. 3, 2014


"ISIS is really an extension of the Saudi government. ... These four monarchies (Saudi, Kuwaiti, Qatari, Jordanian) have been really a key element in supporting and expanding the terror problem that we are dealing with today."

– Ali Al-Ahmed, director of the Institute for Gulf Affairs, on Gulf monarchies' relationship with Islamist terror groups

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Saudi Arabian Monarchy Linked to ISIS and Other Islamist Terrorist Groups

MP3 Interview with Ali Al-Ahmed, director of the Institute for Gulf Affairs, conducted by Scott Harris


Just hours before President Obama was scheduled to deliver a speech before the United Nations in New York, the White House announced that for the first time since the U.S. launched airstrikes targeting the Islamist militant group ISIS in northern Iraq, American warplanes and cruise missiles struck the group’s forces inside Syria. Among the targets of airstrikes that began on Sept. 22 were buildings reportedly occupied by ISIS leaders in the Syrian city of Raqqah, the group’s self-declared capital. Other sites struck included training sites, supply lines and weapons depots. Another Syrian-based group that the administration charged was plotting attacks against the U.S., the Khorasan Group, was also bombed.  Story continues

Pennsylvania Groups Mobilize to Stop Fracking Near Schools

MP3 Interview with Michael Bagdes-Canning, a member of Marcellus Outreach Butler, conducted by Melinda Tuhus


Pennsylvania is “Ground Zero” for the fracking boom in the Marcellus Shale region, which extends from parts of New York state through the Appalachian mountains into Virginia. In western Pennsylvania, drillers are especially interested in what's called "wet" gas, which can be broken down into its component parts of mainly methane, but also produces other petroleum products which can be sold separately.  Story continues

Will Massive People's Climate March Launch a Movement that Can Challenge Corporate Power?

MP3 Excerpts of interviews with environmental activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and former Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich, conducted by Scott Harris


They came by bus, train, air and cars from across America and the world – and as predicted, the Sept. 21 Peoples Climate March in New York City which drew an estimated 400,000, was indeed the largest climate protest in world history. The protesters, who filled broad boulevards stretching from 94th to 34th streets on Manhattan’s West side, was made up of a diverse crowd of all ages that included veterans of the 1960s civil rights movement, rank and file union members, students – and babies in strollers pushed by their parents.  Story continues

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