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Posted Dec. 2, 2015 for week ending Dec. 11, 2015


"The math doesn't lie, and it's very clear at this point that without continuing acceleration of these efforts, we will not avoid dangerous climate change."

– John Coequyt, Sierra Club director of global climate policy, on what's at stake at the Paris climate summit

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If Paris Climate Summit is a Turning Point, Governments Must Go Beyond Current Carbon Reduction Pledges

MP3 Interview with John Coequyt, director of global climate policy with the Sierra Club, conducted by Scott Harris


With the failure of past climate summits fresh in the minds of government officials and activists, leaders of 150 nations, along with 40,000 delegates from 195 countries are participating in the United Nations climate talks that got underway in Paris on Nov. 30. Massive protests planned by climate activists for Paris have been banned by French officials in the aftermath of the Nov. 13 terrorist attacks that killed 130 and injured 350 more.  Story continues

In Children's Climate Change Lawsuit, Judge Affirms States' Obligation to Protect Future Generations

MP3 Interview with Julia Olson, executive director of Our Children's Trust, conducted by Melinda Tuhus


Over the past several years, lawsuits have been filed in several states against the U.S. government demanding that officials take action specifically to protect children from the impacts of climate change, as they and their descendants will be the ones affected most. James Hanson, perhaps the best-known climate scientist in the U.S. who first testified before Congress on the issue back in 1988, has provided expert testimony in some of these cases.  Story continues

Toxic Rhetoric Feeds Violent Attacks on Planned Parenthood Clinics

MP3 Interview with Miranda Blue, senior researcher for People for the American Way, conducted by Scott Harris


Fifty-seven-year-old Robert Lewis Dear is charged with launching a Nov. 27 attack with a semiautomatic rifle on a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado that killed three people, including a police officer, and injured nine more. Although the motive for the violence isn't clear, Dear was quoted by investigators as talking about "baby parts" after he was arrested, a likely reference to a campaign by the Center for Medical Progress which released a series of deceptively edited videos that accused Planned Parenthood of harvesting aborted human baby parts and illegally selling fetal tissue to medical researchers for profit.  Story continues

This week’s summary of under-reported news

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