Activists Petition Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders to Declare His Foreign Policy Platform

Posted Sept. 2, 2015

MP3 Interview with Norman Solomon, author and activist, conducted by Scott Harris


The presidential candidacy of Sen. Bernie Sanders, Vermont-I, has caught fire across the U.S. Since his announcement on the shores of Lake Champlain on May 26, the perception of the Brooklyn-born self-declared democratic socialist has undergone a dramatic transformation, from a long shot to a serious contender to win the Democratic Party nomination. Sanders has drawn the largest crowd of supporters to his events of any candidate, surpassing his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton and all other Republican contenders. Recent polls show Bernie ahead of Clinton in the early primary state of New Hampshire and gaining strength in the first caucus state Iowa.

While Sen. Sanders has focused his campaign on confronting growing income inequality in the U.S., and offering policy prescriptions to take the country back from Wall Street vulture capitalists and the billionaire class, the Vermont legislator has said relatively little about his foreign policy platform. A recent visit to his campaign website, in fact, finds no mention of foreign policy issues at all.

The progressive activist group recently launched an online petition drive that urges Sanders to speak out about the links between corporate power, militarism and social justice, echoing what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. denounced as "the madness of militarism." Here, Roots Action co-founder, author and activist Norman Solomon explains the goal of the petition drive and reviews Sen. Sander's foreign policy voting record in the House and Senate.

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