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Between The Lines – April 24, 2019 – Full Show

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Debate Over Trump Impeachment Follows Facts Revealed in Redacted Mueller Report

interview with Karen Hobert Flynn, president of Common Cause, conducted by Scott Harris

Trump Executive Orders Aim to Green Light Fossil Fuel Pipeline, Infrastructure Projects

Interview with Collin Rees, senior campaigner with Oil Change International, conducted by Scott Harris

Protest Urges Conversion of FERC from Fossil Fuel Industry Rubber Stamp to Advocate for Renewables

Interview with Drew Hudson, a member of Beyond Extreme Energy, conducted by Melinda Tuhus

This Week’s Under-reported News Summary April 24, 2019

Compiled by Bob Nixon

  • Sudan coup: Why Omar Al-Bashir was overthrown
  • Questions remain about Cory Booker's relationship with corporate America
  • 'We're not a dump' – poor Alabama towns struggle under the stench of toxic landfills

Recently on Between the Lines

Israeli Voters Embrace Netanyahu and Permanent Occupation of the Palestinian People

After winning a close race against his nearest opponent, former Israel Defense Force Chief of Staff Benny Gantz of the centrist Blue and White party,...

U.S. Charges Against Julian Assange Pose Serious Threat to Press Freedom

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was arrested inside Ecuador's London embassy on April 11, after that nation's President Lenín Moreno withdrew asylum protection. Assange took...

Salvadoran Man on the Border Explains Why He and His Family Seek Asylum in...

Thousands of people from El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and southern Mexico keep heading to the southern U.S. border with their children, hoping to gain...

This Week’s Under-reported News Summary April 17, 2019

• A surprise assault on Tripoli, Libya by a militia commanded by a former loyalist to Moammar Gaddafi scuttled a United Nations peace initiative...

Special Feature

Voices from the line: Stop and Shop strikers share their stories

The Stop and Shop strikers, members of the United Food and Commercial Workers, Locals 919 and 371, ended their walk out today, April 22, with a tentative agreement that appears to meet all their demands. I recorded these interviews with workers on the picket line at the Branford Stop and Shop store on Saturday, April 20.
Interviews by Richard Hill

A tax on all Wall Street transactions will have a tiny impact on regular people making regular trades. But it will make it super difficult for high-frequency, software-based traders which add volatility and risk to our system. Other countries have these taxes and they work fine.

This week on Between The Lines: Portland, Oregon's model #Bikingprogram

#livenow on @rosendo_joe Joe Emersberger, a Canadian-based writer on #Venezuela crisis, #Trump intervention on Venezuela shares his views re: political & economic crisis in Venezuela; Trump administration's interventionist policies & peaceful resolution.

But it IS dangerous when a president says there are members of Congress that "hate America"

Trump’s CPAC Rant Wasn’t a Speech—It Was a Breakdown via @thenation #Trumpbreakdown

For more information on the effort to fund independent #media with a targeted ad tax, visit @FreePress





In Depth

Counterpoint April 15, 2019

Special Compilations

Blog: Leaves and Fishes

Forest and the Trees



Youth Climate Strikers talk: next action May 3!

Three Connecticut student Climate Strike leaders, Kira Ortoleva, Mitchel Kvedar and Anya Sastry, talk about their work on the recent and future Global Youth...

Jason Stanley: How Fascism Works

The Resistance panel reviews the latest outrages from Donald Trump and his minions and asks Prof. Jason Stanley, author of How Fascism Works, for...

Resistance Roundtable: Neo-Cons running wild.

Medea Benjamin, co-founder of Global Exchange and Code Pink, discusses the Trump administration's plan for 'regime change' in Venezuela.Panel: Ruthanne Baumgartner, Scott Harris and...

‘We Exist, We Resist and We Rise’ – Boston Women’s March

Boston Women's March - speech by Rep. Ayanna Pressley, D-Massachusetts. Recorded by Chuck Rosina, WMBR Radio, Boston Jan. 19, 2019


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Between The Lines Radio Newsmagazine
Between The Lines Radio Newsmagazine
In an ideal world, the thought of impeaching Donald Trump would warrant at least three cheers, along with some somersaults and a marching band (my preference would be for a New Orleans Second Line led by Trombone Shorty). Yet in an ideal world Donald Trump would be nothing but a bad dream. Our world
Between The Lines Radio Newsmagazine
Between The Lines Radio Newsmagazine
Just remember this as you reflect on Roy Cohn, Robert Mueller, Don McGahn, Michael Cohen, Jeff Sessions, Matt Whittaker and now William Barr. "Which ones are not like the others?"
Between The Lines Radio Newsmagazine
Between The Lines Radio Newsmagazine
Too late for Trump to claim executive privilege -- the former White House Counsel Don McGahn was allowed to be interviewed by Mueller without the White House claiming his testimony fell under executive privilege. (BTW, Don McGahn was never supposed to serve the president PERSONALLY, but rather the PRESIDENTIAL OFFICE. In other words, McGahn was not serving as Trump's personal FIXER, which is what Trump was seeking. However, we now see that Trump's appointee, Attorney General William Barr has shown he is so willing to be Trump's "fixer", as Trump has openly sought: "Who will be my Roy Cohn"?).
Between The Lines Radio Newsmagazine
Between The Lines Radio Newsmagazine
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