Wednesday, October 17, 2018
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Counterpoint October 8, 2018

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New UN Report on Climate Change Issues Dire Warning

Interview with Michelle Chan, Friends of the Earth Vice President of Programs, conducted by Scott Harris

US Relationship with Saudi Arabia Enables Kingdom to Murder with Impunity

Interview with Medea Benjamin, founder of Code Pink Women for Peace, and author of the book, "Kingdom of the Unjust: Behind the U.S. - Saudi Connection", conducted by Scott Harris

New Manifesto on “Religious Freedom” Aims to Silence Equality and Social Justice Activists

Interview with Frederick Clarkson, Senior Fellow with Political Research Associates, conducted by Scott Harris

CT Green Party Secretary of State Candidate Calls for “More Choices, More Voices”

Interview with Mike DeRosa, Green Party candidate for Connecticut Secretary of State, conducted by Scott Harris

Last Week on Counterpoint

The Kavanaugh Fight is Far From Over!

Toni Van Pelt talks about NOW's active opposition to the confirmation of President Trump's Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, the multiple charges of sexual...

Renegotiated NAFTA Falls Short of Advancing Worker Rights and Environmental Protection

Arthur Stamoulis assesses the revised NAFTA agreement the Trump administration negotiated with Canada - and the pros/cons for workers, consumers and the environment. He'll...

Fight For 15 Organizes Strikes, Protest Actions in Seven States Advocating Unionization and a...

Laura Huizar discusses the strikes called this week in seven states across the U.S., the demand for union representation and a living wage as...

UCONN’s Alternative Press Collection One of the Largest in U.S.

Graham Stinnett discusses the Alternative Press Collection at the Dodd Research Center, one of the oldest and largest collections of alternative press materials in...

Special Feature

Pre-election show – Oct. 14, 2018

With the mid-term elections looming, the Resistance panel discusses voter suppression, the UN Climate Report, the Kavanaugh confirmation and the unraveling of the American democratic system.
Panel: Scott Harris, Ruthanne Baumgartner and Richard Hill

4 hours ago
Hear Between The Lines Wednesdays 5:30 am MT KDNK 88.1 FM Carbondale CO @kdnkradio #resist
17 hours ago
'One of Most Disturbing Articles I Have Ever Read' Scientist Says of Study Detailing Climate-Driven 'Bugpocalypse' - via @commondreams #climatechange #sixthextinction
17 hours ago
Stop these sociopaths: VOTE!
'Lives Hang in the Balance': 21 Days Before Midterms, McConnell Admits GOP Still Salivating to Gut Medicare and Social Security - via @commondreams
17 hours ago
Adding more insult to injury - the 53,000+ voter registration applications on hold...not to mention whatever misdeeds still exist from the 2016 election
Mother Jones @MotherJones
A Georgia county is throwing out absentee ballots from minority voters





Between The Lines – Oct. 10, 2018 – Full Show

Listen to the full show here

Special Compilations

Blog: Leaves and Fishes

Forest and the Trees



Gandhi Peace Award 2018 – Jackson Browne acceptance speech

James Van Pelt, treasurer of Promoting Enduring Peace, introduces environmentalist Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who in turn turn introduces the 2018 Gandhi Peace Award...

The Fight to Save SCOTUS – and a report on grassroots election activism in...

The Resistance Roundtable panel discusses the New York Times decision to publish an anonymous op-ed by a disaffected White House official, and then interviews...

Mid-term Elections and Voter Suppression

The panel focuses on voter suppression in the upcoming mid-term elections with Stephen Spaulding, chief of strategy with Common Cause. Recorded and produced by Richard Hill,...

JOHN NICHOLS: Democracy on Life Support?

The panel talks with journalist and author John Nichols about Trump's selection of Brett Kavanaugh to replace Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court. Recorded and...

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What If Trump Has Been a Russian Asset Since 1987?

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Here's the Dark Plan a Bigoted Trump Ally Is Pushing to Change the Meaning of American Citizenship

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Ex-DOJ Official Exposes Truth Behind Bombshell Report Trump Saw Proof of Russian Meddling: US Intel Fears He's A Double Agent