Friday, September 21, 2018
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Counterpoint September 17, 2018

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Public Pressure Needed to Include Labor and Environmental Protections in NAFTA Talks

Interview with Lori Wallach director of Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch and founder of the Citizens Trade Campaign, a U.S. national coalition of consumer, labor, environmental, family farm, religious, and civil rights groups, conducted by Scott Harris

Labor Confronts Murderous Regime of Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte

Interview with Elmer "Bong" Labog, national chairperson of the Kilusang Mayo Uno, (KMU,) an influential progressive militant labor organization in the Philippines, conducted by Scott Harris

DHS-ICE Demand Election Documents, Intimidating North Carolina Latino Voters

Interview with Steven Rosenfeld, a senior writing fellow of the Independent Media Institute and author of, "Democracy Betrayed: How Super-delegates, Redistricting, Party Insiders, and the Electoral College Rigged the 2016 Election,"conducted by Scott Harris

Jackson Browne Receives 2018 Gandhi Peace Award for a Lifetime of Activism

Excerpt of acceptance speech by Jackson Browne, recorded and produced by Scott Harris

Last Week on Counterpoint

“How to Read a Protest: The Art of Organizing and Resistance, a new book...

L.A. Kauffman talks about her new book, "How to Read a Protest: The Art of Organizing and Resistance," in the context of diverse groups...

Shadow of Perjury and Secret Documents Hang Over Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh

Drew Courtney discusses the policy issues, and known judicial record which caused a broad coalition of progressive groups nationwide to oppose President Trump's Supreme...

Some in Congress Push to Invoke War Powers Act to End US Involvement in...

Paul Kawika Martin talks about the effort by some members of Congress to invoke the War Powers Act to end U.S. involvement in the...

Artist Combines the Power of Music and People’s History

David Rovics talks about his new podcast project, a 5-minute weekly musical commentary on history and current events. He'll also discuss the state of...

Special Feature

Gandhi Peace Award 2018 – Jackson Browne acceptance speech

James Van Pelt, treasurer of Promoting Enduring Peace, introduces environmentalist Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who in turn turn introduces the 2018 Gandhi Peace Award recipient, musician Jackson Browne on Friday, Sept. 14, 2018

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The 1 Percent Has a Dark Plot to Replace American Democracy with an Elite Plutocracy — and It's Working @alternet #inequality #resist #TheResistance
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Facing Death Threats and GOP Smear Campaign, Kavanaugh Accuser Says She's Willing to Testify Under Fair Conditions - via @commondreams
23 hours ago
As Trump Immigration Crackdown Continues, New Haven Rally Supports Ecuadorean Man Fighting Deportation via @BTLRadioNews #immigration





Between The Lines – Sept. 19, 2018 – Full Show

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Special Compilations

Blog: Leaves and Fishes

Forest and the Trees



The Fight to Save SCOTUS – and a report on grassroots election activism in...

The Resistance Roundtable panel discusses the New York Times decision to publish an anonymous op-ed by a disaffected White House official, and then interviews...

Mid-term Elections and Voter Suppression

The panel focuses on voter suppression in the upcoming mid-term elections with Stephen Spaulding, chief of strategy with Common Cause. Recorded and produced by Richard Hill,...

JOHN NICHOLS: Democracy on Life Support?

The panel talks with journalist and author John Nichols about Trump's selection of Brett Kavanaugh to replace Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court. Recorded and...

The Life and Work of Bill Duesing, life-long leader of the organic community

The Life and Work of Bill Duesing, who died July 12, 2018Bill Duesing, a major figure in the movement for an organic, solar-powered and...

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Here's the Dark Plan a Bigoted Trump Ally Is Pushing to Change the Meaning of American Citizenship

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Ex-DOJ Official Exposes Truth Behind Bombshell Report Trump Saw Proof of Russian Meddling: US Intel Fears He's A Double Agent