Monday, December 6, 2021
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Counterpoint November 29, 2021

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December Looms as Deadline for Senate to Pass Critical Voting Rights Legislation

Interview with Ben Jealous, president of People for the American Way, former CEO of NAACP, conducted by Scott Harris

Study Reveals How Progressive Candidates Can Win Broad Support for Social Justice Initiatives

Interview with Bhaskar Sunkara, founding editor and publisher of Jacobin magazine, conducted by Scott Harris

How We Change the US Tax Code Written by the Wealthiest Americans

Interview with Morris Pearl, A former managing director of BlackRock, chair of the Patriotic Millionaires group, conducted by Scott Harris

Sexual Harassment Out of Control in U.S. Comedy Club Circuit

Interview with Mona Shaikh, a Pakistani-American comedian and founder of the Minority Reportz comedy show, conducted by Scott Harris

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gun culture

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November 15th Cuba Protests Fizzle

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Campaign to Preserve Remington Woods Green Space in Bridgeport, Connecticut

Lela Florel discusses the current effort to preserve Remington Woods, a beautiful 420-acre tract of land which was originally owned by the Remington Arms...

Special Feature

Can The Democrats Save the Build Back Better Act?

The Resistance panel interviews Nation Magazine correspondent John Nichols about what strategies the Democrats can use to pass the progressive Build Back Better Act being blocked by two conservative Democratic senators.
Panel: Scott Harris, Ruthanne Baumgartner and Richard Hill

The minimum wage shouldn’t be a dime less than what it costs to keep a roof over your head and put food on your table.

That’s rational, not radical.
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#OnTheAir Counterpoint airs Mondays 8-10pmET 89.5FM Bgpt #CT: Prof. @AlisonGash & activist @arumberger on prospects & consequences of #SCOTUS overturning #RoeVsWade; @KayTillow on Trump era policy to privatize #Medicare, being continued by #PresidentBiden
Over 700 water protectors are still facing charges from their fight to protect the land and water.

Stand with them and go to and tell @GovTimWalz and @keithellison to demand that all charges are dropped.





Between The Lines – Dec. 1, 2021 – Full Show

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Blog: Leaves and Fishes

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Critical Race Theory in the Classroom & Labor’s Important Role Combating Voter Suppression

The Resistance Roundtable panel of Scott Harris, Richard Hill and Ruthanne Baumgartner speak with Harvard law professor Jeannie Suk Gersen, a contributing writer to...

Has the 40-Year Austerity Hoax Ended?

The Resistance Roundtable interviews radical economist and commentator, Doug Henwood, on the abrupt shift from 40 years of a so-called conservative supply side/austerity economic...

Between The Lines Radio Newsmagazine

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Between The Lines Radio Newsmagazine
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1) Alison Gash, Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Oregon and Anne Rumberger, an activist with NYC for Abortion Rights and NYC-DSA, discuss their views on recent oral arguments before the U.S. Supreme Court in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case and the widely shared expectation that the conservative majority on the court will overturn or severely erode the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling legalizing a woman's right to abortion.

2) Kay Tillow, Chair Kentuckians for Single Payer Health Care discusses her group's concern re: the dangers of the Global Professional Direct Contracting (GPDC) model, that's designed to privatize traditional Medicare -- and the measures that President Biden and Congress can take to stop this Medicare experiment that threatens the future of Medicare as we know it.

3) Suyapa Portillo Villeda, Associate Professor of Chicanx, Latinx and Transnational Studies at Pitzer College will assess the recent presidential election in Honduras, the historic role Washington has played in supporting undemocratic and corrupt Honduran regimes -- and what we know about the Biden administration's response to the election victory of progressive candidate Xiomara Castro.

4) Blair Bertaccini, a long time labor activist and former elected union officer in Connecticut, talks about his recent trip to Venezuela to observe that nation's November 21st presidential election won by incumbent Nicolas Maduro, the effects of U.S.-imposed economic sanctions and major accomplishments in building new housing.

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Between The Lines Radio Newsmagazine
Between The Lines Radio Newsmagazine
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Between The Lines Radio Newsmagazine
Between The Lines Radio Newsmagazine
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Dear Between The Lines Listeners:

Yesterday, #Gestapo and #DeSantis topics in Twitter were trending, apparently over likely 2024 presidential contender Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' latest proposal to create a private militia, which would be under his authority. This is the latest among many alarming post-Trump authoritarian moves he has attempted to enact — whether by legislation or by executive order — including creating a state law enforcement agency meant to target the sorts of trumped-up election issues former president Donald Trump and his allies still continue to perpetuate; banning mask and COVID vaccine mandates at the local level; or offering immunity to motorists who "accidentally" kill protesters blocking a street.

Nevertheless, DeSantis is just one of many operatives in a relentless Republican onslaught threatening democracy. The GOP have proposed 425 voter suppression bills in 49 states, passed 33 such laws in 19 states — making it more difficult for communities of color, young people and other Democratic-leaning constituencies to vote.

Democracy is seriously at risk. This week, Between The Lines' Scott Harris discusses a December deadline for voting rights legislation with Ben Jealous, president of People for the American Way. Jealous notes that voter suppression is not the only threat, but also election subversion — where some states are setting in place regulations that allow legislatures to overturn the popular will of the voters and winners of elections in the future.

Jealous urges your senators and President Biden to get behind the passage of these two bills:
• The John Lewis bill, which restores the power of the U.S. Department of Justice to stop bad redistricting plans and voter suppression bills before they take effect.
• The Freedom to Vote Act, which addresses laws already in existence — such as restrictions on Sunday voting or the removal of polling places from minority neighborhoods.

Jealous says: "We need both. One, if you will, prevents the next round of attempts to light the Constitution on fire and destroy our voting rights. And the other one puts out the flames that are that are currently burning in our democracy."

Here's a link to his interview

If you agree that independent media is vital to ensuring that our democracy survives the Republican fascist onslaught, please join in in supporting Between The Lines.
Between The Lines Radio Newsmagazine
Between The Lines Radio Newsmagazine
These two bills are essential for preserving democracy -- Biden should do a carve out of the filibuster to get these bills passed!! It's our last chance to prevent authoritarianism from taking hold #Election2022 #election2024
Between The Lines Radio Newsmagazine
Between The Lines Radio Newsmagazine
This week's Between The Lines:

People for the American Way's Ben Jealous: December Deadline Looms for Senate Democrats to Pass Critical Voting Rights Legislation

BlackRock's Morris Pearl: U.S. Tax Code Must be Rewritten to Compel America’s Wealthiest Pay Their Fair Share's Matt Nelson: California Proposes New Rule Banning New Oil Wells Within 3,200 Feet of Homes and Schools

Bob Nixon’s Under-reported News Summary
• FBI investigating Erik Prince's role in failed arms sale in Libya
• South Africa is one of the world's most unequal countries
• Can the U.S. still build & think big for future generations?

#Libyaarmsembargo, #billionaires, #infrastructure, #libya, #oildrilling, #southafrica, #taxcode, #votingrights, #wealthgap
Between The Lines Radio Newsmagazine
Between The Lines Radio Newsmagazine
All good stuff being taken out by Republicans...