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A U.S. Labor Movement Confronts Historic Challenges and Opportunities; America’s Wealth Inequality Explained

Interview with Jackie DiSalvo, an associate professor of English at Baruch College and a member of The City University of New York's faculty union who organized Occupy Wall Street’s Labor Outreach Committee, conducted by Scott HarrisRichard Wolff, professor of Economics, presentation on wealth inequality in the U.S., recorded by Scott Harris

Jackie DiSalvo shares her views on the status of the U.S. labor movement in 2018 as teacher strikes in several states revealed new energy and momentum, but also as unions face attacks on many fronts including the recent Supreme Court ruling in the Janus v. AFSCME case – and various states revoking public sector unions’ collective bargaining rights.

Economics professor Richard Wolff compares inequality in America with that of other developed nations around the world and the policy differences behind these major disparities of wealth.

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