This Week’s Under-reported News Summary May 15, 2019

Compiled by Bob Nixon

  • War without end in Gaza
  • Two Reuters reporters freed in Myanmar after more than 500 days in jail
  • Maine AFL-CIO becomes first state labor federation to support Green New Deal bill

• A burst of violence on the Gaza Strip, between Israel, Hamas and Islamic Jihad saw the most intensive fighting since the 50-day war of 2014. Twenty-five Palestinians and four Israelis were killed during 48 hours of violence, which began after a Gaza sniper shot and wounded Israeli soldiers. After Israel responded with airstrikes on targets in Gaza, Hamas and Islamic Jihad launched 600 crude missiles into southern Israel.

(“War Without End in Gaza,” CS Monitor, May 7, 2019; “The Next Round in Gaza Will Be Deadlier,” Foreign Policy, May 8, 2019)

• After 511 days in prison, two Pulitzer Prize-winning reporters, U Wa Lone and U Kyan Soe Oo, were released after the Myanmar government issued a broad pardon of more than 6,000 prisoners. The Reuters reporters were convicted in September of violating the Colonial-era State Secrets Act. The convictions were upheld by Myanmar’s Supreme Court.

(“Two Reuters Reporters Freed in Myanmar After More Than 500 Days in Jail,” Reuters, May 6, 2019; “A False Dawn for Journalists in Southeast Asia,” Atlantic, May 7, 2019)

• In Maine, the state AFL-CIO became the first state labor federation to endorse Green New Deal legislation. The bill calls for 80 percent renewable energy by the year 2040, solar power for public schools and a state commission to assist in planning a just transition to a low-carbon economy.

(“Maine AFL-CIO Become the First Sate Labor Federation to Support a Green New Deal Bill,” In These Times, April 22, 2019; “The Green New Deal Needs Labor’s Support,” In These Times, May 7, 2019

This week’s News Summary was narrated by Elaine Osowski.

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