Capitol Security Failure: An Inside Job?

by Scott Harris, Between The Lines executive producer

The failure of law enforcement preparations to secure the Capitol building in advance of the Jan. 6th Trump-inspired insurrection to stop the presidential vote count, wasn’t a failure at all. It appears to be deliberate given the fact that it was well known that those involved in organizing the Jan. 6th rally/riot, had already been involved in previous post-election pro-trump violence in Washington, D.C.
Weeks in advance there were dozens of reports that U.S. intelligence agencies were well aware that white supremacist, right wing extremist and militia groups’ were openly planning on social media websites to smuggle firearms and other weapons into Washington to provoke violence at the Capitol on Jan. 6th.
It’s likely that Trump loyalists at the Pentagon, Homeland Security and other agencies played an important role in reducing the standard police presence at the Capitol that allowed the domestic terrorists to break into the House and Senate chambers and other govt buildings, to delay the vote count, threaten lives and destroy legislative offices.
Another piece of evidence for this not being a demonstration of law enforcement incompetence, but rather a deliberate act of collaboration with domestic terrorism, is the breathtaking double standard of policing found during Black Lives Matter protests earlier in the summer in contrast to the weak, almost non-existent police presence at the Capitol on Jan. 6th.

As many across the country have already demanded, there must be an aggressive investigation and accountability for law enforcement who failed to perform their basic duties on this shameful day in U.S. history.

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