This Week’s Under-reported News Summary – Jan. 25, 2023

Compiled by Bob Nixon

  • Western companies providing weapons, technology to Myanmar junta
  • Will the Supreme Court revoke the right to strike?
  • Cities rethink fare-free transit as federal Covid subsidies run out

• Since Myanmar’s army overthrew the nation’s democratically-elected government in February 2021, arms manufacturers and tech companies from 13 western nations have supplied weapons and military technology to the junta, which are then being used to commit human rights atrocities.

(“Western Firms Facilitating Production of Myanmar Junta’s Weapons,” Guardian, Jan. 16, 2023)

• The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments in a case on Jan. 10 that could roll back workers’ right to strike. The case Glacier Northwest vs International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Local 174, was filed after a short strike in Seattle. There, drivers returned concrete mixing trucks with wet cement to the company’s yard after the strike was called. They returned the mixers in a manner so the cement could be salvaged, but the company failed to remove the cement and then had to break it up and dispose of it.

(“Will SCOTUS Revoke the Right to Strike?”  American Prospect, Jan. 13, 2023)

• During the Covid pandemic, transit systems continued to run, providing a reliable way for essential and low-income workers to get to their jobs. The suspension of fares on many local systems to protect drivers popularized the idea that transit should be free, similar to the way public libraries operate.  But eliminating fares requires a massive rethink of transit funding. There are only about 30 fare-free systems nationwide, according to the latest data.

(“Fare or Free,” American Prospect, Dec. 6, 2022)

This week’s News Summary was narrated by Anna Manzo.

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