Tracing the History of Republican Party’s Right-wing Extremism from the 1930s to Trump

Resistance Roundtable hosts Ruth Anne Baumgartner, Richard Hill, Scott Harris

Resistance Roundtable: September 9, 2023

Jeet Heer: 

National affairs correspondent for The Nation magazine and host of the weekly Nation podcast, “The Time of Monsters.” He also writes the monthly column “Morbid Symptoms,” and is the author of “In Love with Art: Francoise(S) Moulee’s Adventures in Comics with Art Spiegelman.”

Morris “Rippy” Patton:
Former Vice President of the Bristol, CT chapter of the NAACP, and current candidate for Bristol City Council
1) Jeet Heer’s article:“The GOP’s Nazi Problem Has Deep Roots: To build their popular front on the right, Republicans are happy to recruit white nationalists,” which was published in the Nation Magazine on July 31.
2) The deeply disturbing “Keep Connecticut White” rally that occurred in Bristol, CT in mid- August, with discussion of the community and statewide response to another in a series of racist, white supremacist actions in Connecticut.




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