This Week’s Under-reported News Summary – Nov. 24, 2021

Compiled by Bob Nixon

  • US journalist Danny Fenster is freed from Myanmar prison
  • Uzbek president scores second term in landslide victory
  • The corporate state of Delaware

• American journalist Danny Fenster was released from prison in Myanmar six months after he was arrested at the international airport. Just days earlier, he had been sentenced to 11 years in prison for his reporting — and faced additional charges of sedition and terrorism. Fenster was released on humanitarian grounds to former U.S. diplomat Bill Richardson, who earlier had met with coup leader General Min Aung Hlaing.

( “U.S. Journalist Danny Fenster is Freed from Myanmar Prison,” New York Times, Nov. 15, 2021; “Myanmar Court Sentences American Journalist to 11 Years,” New York Times, Nov. 13, 2021)

• In late October, Uzbekistan’s president Shavkat Mirziyoyev coasted to re-election victory with over 80 percent of the vote. However, the election was criticized by observers from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, who asserted that there was no meaningful engagement among the candidates, or with voters, while candidates refrained from challenging or criticizing the incumbent.

(“From Gulag to Ordinary Grumbles,” Economist, Oct. 23, 2021; “Uzbek President Scores Second Term in Landslide Victory,” Al-Jazeera, Oct. 25, 2021)

• The state of Delaware is viewed by many as one of America’s most important tax havens. Towers from large banks and financial institutions dot the skyline in Wilmington, the state’s largest city.  Delaware is also the invisible home base for two-thirds of Fortune 500 companies, which have legal domiciles in post office boxes and corporate filings in state offices.

(“The Corporate state of Delaware,” American Prospect, Oct. 4, 2021)

This week’s News Summary was narrated by Anna Manzo.

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