This Week’s Under-reported News Summary – Jan. 12, 2022

Compiled by Bob Nixon

  • Germany calls nuclear power ‘dangerous’, rejects EU plan
  • Amazon is building warehouses in Trump-sponsored opportunity zones
  • Trump acolytes vie for key election oversight posts in US midterms

• As Germany is winding down its decade-long plan to phase-out nuclear power, the European Commission, the executive arm of the European Union, proposed rules allowing nuclear power and natural gas to be used as transitional fuels — toward what they call a “clean energy future.”

(“Germany Calls Nuclear Power ‘Dangerous’, Rejects EU Plan,” Al-Jazeera, Jan. 3, 2022; “Fury As EU Moves Ahead With Plans To Label Gas and Nuclear Green,” Guardian, Jan. 3, 2022)

• Throughout the pandemic, Amazon has rapidly expanded its delivery network with the aid of taxpayer subsidies. The company has built 171 facilities in so called “opportunity zones,” sites across the U.S. designated by the former Trump administration.  In these zones, Amazon and other high-end investors can qualify for capital gains tax benefits. Although the program was created to benefit low income communities, critics say the projects funded likely would have gone forward without government subsidies, and it’s impossible to measure if the program has actually created jobs and affordable housing.

(“Amazon is Building Warehouses in Opportunity Zones that Provide Tax Breaks and Secrecy,” Washington Post, Dec. 23, 2021; “Amazon’s Warehouse Expansion includes 171 Sites in Trump-Sponsored Opportunity Zones,” Good Jobs First, Dec. 23, 2021)

• When Americans cast ballots in the 2022 midterm election, many of  the most important elections won’t be for office in Washington. Among the most high-stakes races will be statewide contests, in some cases for low profile offices, that will have profound consequences for the future of free and fair elections in America.

(“Trump Acolytes via for Key Election Oversight Posts in US Midterms,” Guardian, Jan. 2, 2022)

This week’s News Summary was narrated by Anna Manzo.

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